About Us

We are a seed fund for start-ups with a focus in B2B software, web, mobile and the cloud computing space, but that description does not quite describe the experience we provide for entrepreneurs. We provide a combination of seed funding along with focused mentoring to early stage startups for a small piece of equity. The main areas that we focus on are as follows:
1. Creating a predictable sales machine
2. Creating a product people love and pay for
3. Raising the next round of funding

Our process, the steps that every entrepreneur team must navigate on the way to build a successful start-up, looks very much like climbing a mountain range. From a far of distance It looks very green and pleasant but when you actually try to climb it will be a difficult experience. There will be lot of climbing and falling as the journey enumerates a series of small victories and crushing setbacks. First there is initiation with a lot of joy and happiness, then the novelty wears off and the reality sets in, this is followed by a period of sorrow where nothing seems to work, then that is followed by small releases where some improvements seem to be happening, which convert into bumps of false hopes followed by some good releases and customer acceptance and that finally puts them on an upward trail to the promised land of revenues, profits and further funding rounds if need be.

Utthishta – Our name is a sanskrit word taken from a Sloka in The Bhagavad Gita whose translation in English is as follows:
O Arjuna, do not yield to unmanliness, this is not worthy of you. O chastiser of enemies  giving up this base weakness of heart; rise up.

The word in Sanskrit means to arise, to stand up.  We believe that the software industry in India is getting mature and slowly eroding its edge of providing low cost software services to the world due to salary and other related inflationary pressures.  We want the next generation of entrepreneurs in India to arise and create a new set of companies that are based more on creativity and ground breaking change the world type of ideas in the software, web, mobile and cloud computing space rather than just continue on the the already beaten path of providing low cost software services.